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Babcock Network Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your home network needs We are a well-trained team of network specialists with years of experience in the field. We ensure that your home network is efficient, updated, and secured through suitable means.

We prepare your network to support multiple devices without compromising on security or speed.

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Why Should You Hire Us?

We believe that the appropriate technology solution can make your life easier and more efficient. Make your home internet-ready with us and enjoy the following benefits.

Home Network

Babcock Network Solutions is here to help.

  • Save more time and money: We get the job done right on the first go. We are affordable, transparent, and prompt.
  • Be prepared: Technology evolves at a rapid pace. Our solutions are focused on tackling the challenges of the present as well as the future. We prepare you to stay ahead of the technology curve.
  • Optimized network management: We are your one-stop-shop for all network needs, from installing the router to troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Get access to the best products: We understand technology deeply. We will be able to provide the best product and service recommendations for your home network.
  • Get smart with us: Are you gearing up for a smarter home? We help you set up a home network that can safely support various intelligent devices and appliances.

Setting Up Your Home Network

There is definitely no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to setting up a home network. We help in the installation of wired, wireless, and combined (wired and wireless) networks. While setting up your home network, we go through the following steps.

Step 1: Location Survey

We start by assessing the network requirements of your living space. Our network specialists will optimize the design and deployment of your home network after a thorough site survey.

Step 2: Hardware Procurement

We have strong relationships with trusted vendors. We can help you procure the required equipment at lower prices.

Step 3: Internet Service Provider

We can help you choose the internet access solution that is best suited for your location and network requirements.

Step 4: Configuring and Staging

Before installation, we stage and test the setup entirely. We resolve all potential issues before configuring the system in your home.

Step 5: Installation of the home network

Our certified technicians will ensure a hassle-free installation process with minimum disruption to your everyday routine. We take care of hardware installation, network configuration, cabling, and network integration.

Step 6: Remote Support

You can always trust us for prompt technical support and home network security. From handling an outage to resolving safety threats, our team is well-trained to offer different network services remotely.

Home Networking Solutions

We offer multiple services to support the optimal functioning of your home network. From surveying your home for network access to setting up a wireless or wired network, we take care of all factors involved.

Home Network Repair Services

Is your home network down? Are you facing frequent outages? Are you suffering from slow internet speed? You do not have to spend hours on the phone with an unknown technical support assistant.

Give us a call, and our team member will visit your home and resolve the issue in no time. We repair home networks by offering the following services.

  • Virus and malware detection and removal.
  • Hardware and related accessories repair services.
  • Update router to ensure optimal compatibility with newer devices.
  • Regular firmware updates and maintenance.
  • Data recovery and backup.

Network Upgrades

If your network is performing poorly or is too outdated to be integrated with newer technology, it is time to update your home network. Obsolete networks are highly prone to cyber-attacks and consume too much money and time in maintenance.

We help in the installation of new network infrastructure and provide a comprehensive warranty for all upgrades. Our certified professionals offer customized network upgrades. Upgrade home networks today and enjoy the following benefits.

  • Lowered network maintenance cost.
  • An advanced network that can support a smart home and its advanced devices.
  • Greater immunity from cyber attackers.

Home Network Optimization and Troubleshooting

As more people are starting to work from home, it is the right time to optimize the performance and speed of your home network. We implement the following measures to get the best from your network investment.

  • Design and installation of your wireless network for complete area coverage.
  • Elimination of dead spots through proper placement of switch, router, and repeaters.
  • Update your software and hardware devices regularly.
  • Reassess the network requirements for your living space, if needed.
  • Clean the system of unwanted files.
  • Schedule automatic updates.

Are you still facing trouble with your network? We can troubleshoot the problem within a few hours. Our specialists are adept at getting to the root cause of trouble and resolving it quickly.

Home Network Security

Home network security implies the protection of the network through which the router, all wifi-enabled devices, intelligent appliances, wifi cameras, and smartphones are connected. A home network is as vulnerable as a business network.

We apply the following techniques to ensure a secure home network and less susceptible to malicious cyber-attacks.

  • Regular software updates.
  • Removal of unwanted software and applications.
  • Implement effective password management techniques.
  • Frequent password changes.
  • Install and update antivirus software.
  • Install firewalls on the network and network devices.
  • Update router and access point firmware.
  • Perform regular data backups.

Benefits of Hiring a Specialist to Set Your Network

Here are a few benefits

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Build the right network capabilities and be prepared to face future demands.
  • Save more time: A robust home network does not waste your time through frequent buffering, unexpected outages, and lowered speed.
  • Customized solutions: Network specialists can analyze your requirements deeply. They can provide the correct setup based on the size of your home and your network demands.
  • Better price points: Expert home network professionals can leverage their connections and help you procure devices at the best possible prices.
  • Build a smart home: Smart devices, appliances, and other advanced intelligent solutions need a good network. We can make your home a more innovative place by enabling optimal connectivity.

Optimize Your Network Today!

Reach out to our certified team of network specialists, and we will help you set up a robust home network. Learn more about our network services and the different ways in which we can resolve any network issues you are currently facing. Call us today.

Enhanced Network Security and Password Management

We can elevate the security of your home network by,

  • Upgrading your routers, switches, and access points, and operating system to provide enterprise-level security standards.
  • Setting up of network firewalls.
  • Creating VLANs to reduce congestion and keep devices private.
  • Separating the guest traffic separate to prevent potential access to your personal and sensitive information.
  • Limiting WPS code capabilities and enabling firmware upgrade.
  • Following proven password management techniques such as setting up passwords that are hard to guess, frequent password changes, not using the same password for multiple accounts, etc.

Network Optimizing and Troubleshooting Services

Is your home network bothering you with constant pauses and long buffering times?

Do you wish to learn more about the home network security measures that can keep you safe from hackers and other malware?

Call us, and we can help you get to the root cause of the problem. We take a methodical approach to make sure that your wireless connection and network infrastructure are set up for optimal performance.

We provide remote diagnostic services to optimize your home network and troubleshoot problems. We will be able to reassess your network requirements and upgrade your setup for better security and performance.

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