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Babcock Network Solutions Home Firewall and VPN Services

Protect your home network with Babcock Network Solutions home firewall and VPN services. As computer security advances, so do threats to your data. At Babcock Network Solutions, we stay a step ahead with a commitment to providing the latest in home network security and internet privacy.

What Is a Home Firewall?

The term “firewall” sounds like a buzzword. You probably hear it thrown around in commercials, movies, and TV shows with geeky forensic scientists, but it’s a very real tool that can protect your data from hackers and malware.

They mostly function as the name suggests. On one side is your home network. On the other side, there’s other networks, devices, and connections. A firewall both stops unwanted connections from the outside and prevents your devices from reaching out to unsecure networks. Through this, your devices communicate safely with the outside world.

Networks and devices communicate through packets of data. If a packet doesn’t meet your security standards, it is rejected. Sometimes, packets are just unnecessary and other times malicious. Either way, a it regulates this traffic.

Every electronic device with internet access has an IP address — a kind of electronic serial number. Some firewalls can connect every device on your network to the internet under one IP address. This way, hackers and malware get as little information as possible about you.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network masks important data like your IP address from potential threats including hackers, internet service providers, and businesses. It may sound a little shady. You may wonder why you need to mask what websites you visit. Without a VPN covering your tracks, you are at risk for:

  • Sites tracking your habits and selling your data to unknown third parties
  • Hackers and services exposing your physical location
  • Identity theft through unsecured banking websites and transactions
  • Internet service providers leaking your data

VPNs prevent these activities by creating a fake or virtual identity for your network. They fool anyone snooping into thinking you’re somewhere else completely. This way, websites can’t block content based on your location and hackers can’t steal your sensitive data because it’s either encrypted or outright wrong.

Why Trust Babcock Network Solutions?

Because we’re experts in smart home technology, network storage, and other computer maintenance, we want you to enjoy our services safely. Network security starts with the proper software and good internet habits. Our IT specialists can install and configure:

  • Different kinds of firewalls including proxy, packet filtering, hardware, and next-generation firewalls
  • VPNs like remote-access VPNs that cover your digital tracks
  • Network devices to use these tools safely and efficiently

With Babcock Network Solutions home security services and installation, we’ll guide you through how to use your new technology. If you have multiple devices on your network, we’ll make sure none of them create a hole in your digital security. Guided by our experts, you’ll be equipped with the latest tools and habits necessary for safe internet use in an ever-changing fight for internet privacy.

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